About Me

Well hello there!

My name is Yasmine. I’m a 20 year old (I still find it difficult to write or say that) university student studying communications and professional writing. I’m a traveler, activist and freedom fighter. I believe that power should be with the people, and that real beauty is in the eyes of little children, who are sadly forced to grow up before they should in today’s world. I believe in speaking out against oppression and fighting for equality, freedom and our inalienable rights as humans, regardless of religion, race, age, color or anything else we come up with to create disparities and inequality. I’m a photographer, I think clouds taste like cotton candy and I love to read but thanks to school and work I barely have time to even do my course readings (I hope my professors don’t read this!).

I recently came back to Canada from a trip to Egypt, post-Jan25 and I have a lot to say. In short, I learned so much during my 2 month stay in the heart of Cairo. Although my trip was long, it was far from enough time to see and experience everything I wanted to, learn and meet people who were part of the revolution, but I tried my best!

Through this blog I am trying to bring the courage, love and passion of the revolution that transformed Egypt into every readers life. I want the incredibly people in the viral pictures of marchers and protesters and the young men and women standing for what they believed in, in the face of tanks and drones seem like your friends and family. I want to bridge that gap between the images that flashed on our TV and laptop screens with the people in those images so we can truly understand this revolution and to remind ourselves that these people are just like me and you. And just like them, we all have the power to change and revolutionize ourselves, our families, our societies and maybe even the world one day.

The stories I write to you about are all true, slightly flavored with the professional writing techniques I’m programmed to use. If you have any stories you would like to share with me, experiences you’ve had, or just want to say hi please feel free to do so! I love talking to people, looking at things from different perspectives and having deep, mind-boggling conversations, so leave me a comment and we’ll get in touch! 😉


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