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4d: Khalid – The Canadian-Egyptian Revolutionary

[Prelude: Read my post for background information about what happened during the Egyptian Revolution.]

Sunday, January 30th

“Dude it would be awesome if we went to Egypt right now.” Khalid told Hossam. Khalid leaned back against the kitchen counter, a crooked smile on his face. Khalid and Hossam were at their friends house for dinner. The conversation revolved around the Egyptian revolution of course. It was the only thing Arabs, and pretty much everyone else, spoke about these days.

I remember in my circle of friends, the Al Jazeera’s livestream from Tahrir Square was the permanent soundtrack of any gathering.

“Yo man, I’ll go if you go.” Hossam shrugged and replied in his deep, rumbling Canadian drawl. Khalid stared at Hossam. Neither one looked away. Neither one thought the other would go through with it and go to Egypt.

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