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5d: Youssef and Minna: The Tahrir Square Couple

[Prelude: Read my post for background information about what happened during the Egyptian Revolution.]

January 25th – Morning

“My parents won’t let me go to Tahrir Square, please come speak to them!”
Minna murmured through tears and gasps. Youssef guessed Minna had gotten into another fight with her parents. Youssef didn’t like getting involved in arguments between Minna and her parents, even though she was his fiance and they were his in-laws. This time it was different.

Youssef rang the doorbell to Minna’s house. Youssef waited, unable to stand still. He was itching to join the protests. His friend had just told him the rallies were massive, larger than anyone had expected. A minute later the door swung open, Minna’s large father filling up the door frame. His mustache messy, his eyes wide with anger, and his cheeks flushed.

“Is everything okay?” Youssef was scared to bring up the issue of joining the protests, he pretended to not know what was going on.

“Your fiance wants to go to Tahrir Square. She says you’re going and she wants to go with you. This is crazy!” Continue reading



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